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    Lincoln MKT Town Car

    On to what passengers will really care about. Both versions of the MKT Town Car feature a higher ride height for easier ingress and egress, and, in livery models, the second row is moved back 1.5 inches (the third row disappears altogether). The three-person leather seat also reclines and features a switch to move the front passenger seat if even more legroom is desired. A USB port and 110-volt outlet are available to passengers for juicing up mobile devices, which may come in handy if they spend a lot of time using the MKT Town Car’s Wi-Fi system. The audio can be controlled from the rear seat, so you won’t have to suffer through the driver’s choice of entertainment while sitting in traffic. Most important, the Limo has vanity mirrors in the headliner. For the safety of all—including other drivers—both MKT Town Cars will list a rear-view camera, Sync (including voice-activated controls), and a blind-spot monitoring system as standard equipment. Also has a Glass roof with automatic shade when you don’t want to look at the sky.

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    • 4 Passenger Seating Capacity
    • Custom Leather Seating
    • Extended Leg Room in Back
    • USB Port / 110-volt outlet
    • Spacious Trunk
    • Passenger Controlled Stereo
    • Vanity Mirrors
    • Glass roof
    • Passenger Controlled Thermostat
    • Reading Lamps
    • Wifi Available Upon Request Wifi Symbol
    • Luggage:
    3-4 Large  Luggage Large    2-3 Small  Luggage Small
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